Chilling out with a coolpix

I gifted myself a small Nikon Coolpix camera just to have it in my pocket so that I can take it wherever I go. Wanted just a basic camera, didn’t even want a RAW  option. It rained that day and I hit the street and it was surprisingly good for what I wanted. I just shot them in Auto mode and also enjoyed the sluggish nature of it.



Shooting blind with a Gopro Hero 3+

I was lucky to be gifted a Gopro by my uncle. It being known for adventure recording, I was just thrilled to shoot with it. Soon I realized, I am a ‘No adventure person’. I couldn’t leave the gadget at home in some cupboard as I was very curious about its output. It happened to be monsoons then and was the time I was excusing myself not to shoot because I didn’t have a water proof casing for my other cameras, glad it comes with the casing. That was the time I actually meddled a Gopro for a couple of days. It not having a viewfinder and a screen, fascinated me the most because I just shot my instinct but not exactly the frame, what I saw ! It was a total weird way of shooting I have ever experienced, later I had to crop the images as it is too wide for streets. But still, it was an experience which I can never forget.

All images below are shot with a Gopro Hero 3+